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Photo credits on the site

Aastérion ; J.F. Archer ; Auto Concept ; B. Asset ; Beauvais ; Béranger ; A. Bérenguier ; Bessin ; N. Bluche ; J. Chassaing-Cuvilier ; Centre de Style Citroën ; Citroën Communication ; Coirier ; P. Curtet ; D. Davoust ; De Seynes ; M. Desmarteau ; F. Dieleman ; Dingo ; DPPI ; ETAI ; Euro RSCG ; Euro RSCG Works ; Forster ; St. Foulon ; Greg ; G. Guyot ; J. Haeffner ; Ch. Jacquemet ; W. Klein ; L. Lacoste ; Laudator ; P. Legros ; J.-F. Malard ; L. Marescot ; A. Martin ; Ch. Martin ; A. Martinez ; J. Peyrinet ; Pilou ; Prioult-Raynaud ; F. Renaud Leblan ; P. René ; J. Rolandey ; A. Sadoc ; Savignac ; Saxe ; Ch. Schure ; O. Staub ; J.-P. Suberville ; Ph. Terret ; P. Vann ; N. Zwickel ; McKlein

Information about products and services

The information and graphics featured on the pages of this website are based on the technical characteristics valid at the time they were posted or updated. The equipment shown on the vehicles displayed on the site may be standard or optional depending on the version.

As part of a policy of continuous product improvement, Automobiles Citroën reserves the right to alter the technical characteristics, equipment, options and colours of the vehicles at any time. Furthermore, current technology does not allow accurate colour representation.

The models and/or versions and the equipment, options and accessories displayed on this website correspond to those distributed in metropolitan France. They may vary from one country to another or not be available in all countries.

All content is provided for informational purposes only and is non-binding.

A vehicle may be purchased or ordered only by means of a signed order form or an order placed with an authorised Citroën sales outlet.


Services presented on this website may be provided by participating members of the Citroën sales network. The prices listed for spare parts and accessories are indicative and do not take into account labour costs, except where mentioned as part of flat-rate deals. Such deals are valid only for the period specified on the site.

The Automobiles Citroën sales network in metropolitan France is at your disposal if you have any questions concerning the products and services presented on this website. However, members of the Automobiles Citroën sales network are independent traders who are free to set their own prices and to take part or not in promotions by Automobiles Citroën (including the flat-rate deals). They alone are responsible for the information they post on the website.

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Pursuant to Article 32 of the above-mentioned French Data Protection Act, data collected from the site may be used by Automobiles Citroën, its subsidiaries and its sales network to reply to requests for information and for carrying out commercial website management providing information relative to the pages visited and user expectations ;

Pursuant to article 40 of the above-mentioned French Data Protection act, the user is entitled to access, alter, rectify or remove any identifying personal data. Users wishing do this should send their requests to :

Information collected on the website is for the exclusive use of Automobiles Citroën, its subsidiaries and its sales network and may be used for sales and marketing operations or studies or analyses.

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Limitation of liability

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Consequently users must ensure that they are authorised to visit the website by the laws of the country in which they do so.

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